Philip Klauzinski

Philip Klauzinski

Senior Front End Developer

Austin, TX

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About Me

I am a senior front end developer and designer specializing in RESTful SPA (single-page application) development. I prefer to use the right tools for the job, and I do not constrain myself to a particular front end framework. I also specialize in developing platform-agnostic front end architectures that do not rely on a single server-side architecture in order to function, allowing for optimum portability and flexibility on the front end.

High-level Experience Summary

  • 21 years experience in web design
  • 21 years experience in web development
  • 21 years experience in HTML/CSS
  • 16 years experience in native javascript
  • 16 years experience in web application development
  • 16 years experience in SEO (search engine optimization)
  • 11 years experience in SPA (single-page-application) development
  • 11 years experience in PHP development
  • 10 years experience in server-side MVC development
  • 7 years experience in jQuery
  • 7 years experience in agile development environments
  • 3 years experience in Node.js


Payload.js Open Source

A HTML5-data-driven behavioral layer designed to interact intuitively with REST APIs from within SPAs (single-page-applications) and mobile apps.

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jScroll Open Source

jScroll is a jQuery plugin for infinite scrolling, written by Philip Klauzinski. Infinite scrolling; also known as lazy loading, endless scrolling, autopager, endless pages, etc.; is the ability to load content via AJAX within the current page or content area as you scroll down. The new content can be loaded automatically each time you scroll to the end of the existing content, or it can be triggered to load by clicking a navigation link at the end of the existing content.

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Hang3 | Social Classifieds

May 2012: Launched Hang3 | Social Classifieds. Hang3 is an online community that allows you to publish your own free classified ads instantly across multiple social networks.

I was responsible for all graphic design, web design, corporate identity, platform development, database, UI, and application engineering.

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